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Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece

The National Gallery, London


Explore the fascinating layers of an iconic masterwork

500 years after his death, Leonardo remains one of the world’s most popular artists and the National Gallery’s Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece will provide an immersive exploration of his genius as a painter, focused on The Virgin of the Rocks. From 9 November 2019 the Ground Floor Galleries will be completely transformed into a space that investigates this painting and the inventive mind that created it.

A wide range of multi-sensory experiences will be presented across four separate spaces. Visitors will be able to step inside a similar chapel-setting and see what art historical research suggests the painting’s setting may have been. They will be able to explore Leonardo’s own research, which informed the specific compositions in the painting. In addition, they will see how Leonardo used his scientific studies to create strong effects of light and shadow in his painting. The modern process of discovery in a conservation studio, where the mysteries and secrets of a painting are uncovered, will also be brought to life with visitors being able to engage in detail with the latest findings underneath The Virgin of the Rocks.

Opened 9th Nov 2019 - 12th Jan 2020

The National Gallery, London


Commissioned and Produced by the National Gallery, London

Created by 59 Productions

59 Team

Project Director
Richard Slaney

Lead Architect
Jenny Melville

Senior Motion Designer
Nicol Scott

Rebecca Collis

Production Manager
James Roxburgh

Alex Mills

Architectural Designer
Hannah Rozenberg

Architectural Assistant
Ayanna Blair-Ford

Matt Taylor

Assistant Designer
Hanna Schrage

Senior Designer (Concept)
Max Italiaander

Assistant Designer (Concept)
Diego Sanguino

Edd Stockton
Emily Howells
Jarek Radecki
Lawrence Watson

Graphic Designer
Patrick Fry

Justin Sutcliffe

Sound Designer
Gareth Fry

Lighting Designer
Beam Lighting

Video Programmers
Iain Syme
Jay Mayer

Technical Manager
Richard Wells

System Engineer
Chris Dunkin