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David Hockney - Bigger and Closer - Not Smaller and Further Away

Spend time in the presence of one of the great popular geniuses of the art world still innovating, still creating beauty and awe.

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer opened on 22nd February 2023 and was the launch show for LIGHTROOM – an extraordinary four-storey-high space in Kings Cross equipped with the latest digital projection and audio technology.

Working with one of the worlds most acclaimed and popular living artists, 59 Productions created a new kind of show which owes as much to Hockney’s theatrical design as to his painting, drawing and photography.

Hockney takes the audience on a personal journey through his art, featuring iconic paintings alongside some rarely seen pieces and some newly created work. His life-long fascination with the possibilities of new media is given vibrant expression in a show that invites visitors to see the world through his eyes.

LIGHTROOM, is a new venture set up by London Theatre Company and 59 Productions and is London’s new home for spectacular artist-led shows.

Please note David Hockney: Bigger & Closer concluded it’s first season at Lightroom London on 3rd December 2023.

The much-loved British artist’s foray into new technology is a breathtaking triumph
A coup of entertainment: accessible, affecting, and, technically, executed with panache.
Unlike the immersive Van Gogh or Kahlo experiences – to which this is enormously superior – Hockney is present throughout.
Bigger and Closer foregrounds [Hockney’s] exceptional engagement with multiple media, his pleasure in collaboration, and the push-pull throughout his work between painterliness and design. It confirms his unique status: no other living painter has created enough beloved defining images to sustain such a performance.
An immersive experience that doubles up as a gloriously illustrated lecture.
Bigger & Closer… pulls a six-decade career into the present and future. One hopes it will inspire other artists to experiment in other mediums and technologies with more confidence. David Hockney, of course, has nothing to prove, and so is fearless, but the art world as a whole has everything to gain from his kind of open-mindedness.
Hockney, Man swimming. Lightroom, London - 59 Productions
Lightroom - David Hockney.
David Hockney at the Lightroom

Bigger Closer Credits

Created by
David Hockney & Lightroom

Designed by
59 Productions

Written and Directed by
Mark Grimmer

David Hockney Studio
JP Conçalves de Lima
Jonathan Wilkinson

Hockney Pictures Inc
Rob Berg
Biaani Carrillo
James Corner
David Egan
Juan Carlos Elizondo
Julie Green
Shannan Kelly
George Snyder
Greg Rose
Elise Wille

Executive Producers
Richard Slaney
Nicholas Hytner
Nick Starr

59 Team Credits

Project Director
Mark Grimmer

Video Designer
Nick Corrigan

Associate Video Designer
Felix Green

Dale Croft
Matt Taylor

Assistant Designers
Ash Kayser
Simran Phull
Lorna Pittaway

Lawrence Watson
Edd Stockton
Jarek Radecki
Emily Howells
Nick Corrigan
Felix Green

Associate Producer
Anna Jones

Music Editor
Philip Adams

Sound Designer
Gareth Fry

Lighting Designer
Ben Pearcy

Associate Lighting Designer
Aaron Porter

Video Programmer
Liam Daly

Nick Corrigan
Felix Green

Assistant Editor
Kate Mogridge

Image & Audio Credits

Thanks to the following rights holders for kind permission to use images and/or audio

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